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Health & Healing

Voz de la Mujer

Voz de La Mujer Indigena is MICOP's domestic violence centered program that supports indigenous survivors of domestic violence. Voz de la Mujer Indigena offers a safe-space group and a series of workshops as well as providing direct case management to women and their families to support them in their transition from victim, to survivor, to leaders in our community.

Healing the Community - Curando la Comunidad - Na’ Sanaeé Nañueé

Healing the Community aims to integrate traditional Indigenous wellness and healing practices with local behavioral health services in order to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety, stress, and depression. Specifically, the program relies on plant medicine, energy work, and other traditional Indigenous practices that have been shared by community curanderas, or healers, and practiced by trained promotoras. Curando la Comunidad is an outgrowth of a 3-year research project known as Curando el Alma, which tested and validated the use of traditional Indigenous wellness practices. Curando la Comunidad receives Mental Health Services Act funding, which is administered locally by Ventura County Behavioral Health.

Living with Love

Living with Love (LwL) is a community-based participatory research project working under the California Reducing Disparities Project (CRDP) initiative that aims to transform the mental health system and to reduce mental health disparities among racial, ethnic, and LGBTQ communities. The data collected throughout the five-year project will support in achieving the project’s goal of becoming an evidence-based practice. In addition to conducting classes, LwL is also evaluating the program’s effectiveness in participants’ lives.

Living with Love Mixteco Group