Indigenous Language Services


Mixteco Interpreter Services (MIS) provides professional Mixtec interpreters to help local agencies better communicate with their Mixteco-speaking clientele.  There are approximately 20,000 Mixtecs in Ventura County, and many are fluent only in their indigenous language of Mixteco.  Our 22 trained interpreters ensure that client and provider clearly understand each other, overcoming barriers both linguistic and cultural.


Contracted agencies contact Mixteco Interpreter Services to schedule an appointment for an interpreter.  Interpreter services are delivered by trained bilingual (Mixteco-Spanish) interpreters.  Trilingual (Mixteco-Spanish-English) interpretation is more limited but also available.  All interpreters graduated from a 40-hour California Healthcare Interpreter Association training program and receive continuing education.

Mixteco Interpreter Services assigns an interpreter for on-site services, or possibly phone interpretation.  MICOP invoices client agency by the hour on a monthly schedule.   Current contracted agencies include health providers, school districts, and legal services.


  • Convenience — Access to a pool of trained Mixteco interpreters from one source.
  • User-friendly — Easy process to request and schedule an interpreter.
  • Training — MICOP Interpreters receive ongoing training and specialization on specific subject matter and terminology
  • Trust and Recognition — MICOP is well established and enjoys a solid reputation in the community
  • Confidentiality — Each interpreter is bound by a confidentiality agreement to ensure client privacy.


Many agencies which choose not to hire a professional interpreter rely instead on a client’s brother or friend, or even a client’s child, to interpret into Mixteco.  Misunderstandings, breaches of confidentiality, or potentially life-threatening errors can result.  Use of professional interpreters is recommended—and often required—to ensure clear communication.

While the training received by MICOP interpreters was designed with healthcare settings in mind, it is based on a set of standards of practice and protocols that are applicable and relevant to any other setting. These standards and protocols were developed by CHIA and are widely accepted by the language interpretation industry at large.

To ensure the highest quality language interpretation services possible, MICOP’s language interpreters have been trained to strictly adhere to Confidentiality, Impartiality, Respect for individuals and their communities, Professionalism, Integrity, Accuracy, Completeness and Cultural Responsiveness.

For more information please contact:
MICOP’s Indigenous Language Services Coordinator
Javier Garcia at (805) 483-1166 ext. 329 or via cell at (805) 270-9483 or email at

Indigenous Language Services Supervisor:
Arcenio Lopez, Executive Director at (805) 483-1166 ext.318 or via email at