Tequio Scholarship Fund

APPLICATION has closed.

Established in 2012 to inspire and encourage academic success in the indigenous community, the Tequio Scholarship Fund provides individual grants to college students from Ventura County who are of indigenous Mexican roots from the states of Oaxaca and Guerrero. The term “Tequio” describes an indigenous person’s desire and obligation to assist their community. We provide these grants in the spirit of Tequio, and we seek to support highly motivated students who share this commitment to serve their community. As you climb, may you lift your community with you.

  1. If you applied by or before the June 5th deadline please await an email from MICOP’s Youth Coordinator, Sonya Zapien, sonya.zapien@mixteco.org  or (805) 940-5998 who will be following up with all applicants for the 2020 scholarship fund year.
  2. For any questions, comments or concerns please contact Arcenio Lopez at (805) 483-1166 ext. 318 or via email at arcenio.lopez@mixteco.org