Announcement: So Cal Gas Company’s Advanced Meter project

MICOP is proud to be outreaching to the indigenous immigrant community about the So Cal Gas Company’s Advanced Meter project. Please click here to learn more about the Advanced Meter project.


Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) customers will soon be able to view their daily gas usage information online as SoCalGas begins installing Advanced Meters in the area. The advanced meters will improve customer safety, help save energy and money for customers, increase customer privacy, and benefit the environment.

An Advanced Meter is simply an additional communication device placed on already existing gas meters at homes and businesses. The devices operate on battery power and are only on for a fraction of a second every day, less than two minutes a year to securely and safely send natural gas usage data from a customer’s home or business to SoCalGas customer centers. SoCalGas will make the usage information available for the customer to view online the next business day. The company will not know how or when gas is consumed. The Advanced Meter devices do not communicate with other meters, nor do they communicate with appliances in your home or business. And they cannot turn gas service on or off.

Advanced Meters are making data collection more efficient. They also will allow customers – both residential and commercial – to track their usage on a daily basis. For large commercial users, it could be an opportunity to reduce costs through more prudent consumption.

In all, SoCalGas is planning to upgrade approximately six million natural gas meters with the new communication device, installing them throughout the SoCalGas service territory through 2017. SoCalGas is conducting a comprehensive information campaign, starting with notifying customers several weeks before installations begin. SoCalGas will also work closely with local community-based organizations to help customers learn about the project. Customers can also visit SoCalGas’ website, for more information.



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