Entre Hombres

Fifteen indigenous farmworker men were selected for MICOP’s new Entre Hombres (Between Men) mental health program, reducing domestic violence and alcohol abuse.  With funding from Ventura County Community Foundation, MICOP will provide 15 hours of leadership and health education training.  When complete, the promotores will outreach 500 farmworker men about the dangers of domestic violence and alcohol abuse, and will provide referrals for support.  This program marks the first time MICOP has exclusively trained male promotores and targeted men for health outreach.

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  • José M Reyes
    November 29, 2016 (11:24 am)

    Adelante, nobles caballeros! Porque la verdadera medida de un hombre está en cómo cuida de los suyos y en cómo trata a su prójimo.

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